Frequently Asked Questions

Our system is an ecosystem consisting of our special production Smart QBox device, screens and software inside our device. This device is used in all kiosks and TVs and we can say that it is the only device that forms the basis of our ecosystem. Thanks to our software in this device, showroom/store owners can control the content of their showroom, regardless of their geographical location, through the user panel created for them, they can receive very valuable anonymous data through customers interacting with these content, and increase their sales with our recommendation system based on this data. .

Tablets, touch screens, vertical and horizontal televisions and our own production stands.

You can install it because our software has the ability to be installed on all devices.

We cooperate with Samsung and Vestel on our touch screens, televisions and tablets. Our Turkcell solution partner for data and inter-device communication. Bilişim Vadisi, in which we were established as an R&D company, offers full support for all kinds of technological infrastructure tools and equipment.

You can request a demo from us by clicking the demo request button at the top right of our website or by visiting our demo request page directly. Our teams will get back to you as soon as possible. For all your questions about the system, you can contact us via [email protected] or by phone at 0850 308 3004.

Thanks to remote and central management, you can easily manage it without physical contact, without leaving your place, through the management panel.

Yes, you can control and manage all your dealers and showrooms, regardless of where they are located, not just the dealer or showroom you are in.

Yes, we have the opportunity to make installations in every province of Turkey. After the preliminary discovery process of your showroom is completed, we can perform the installations directly. Since our system is a plug and play system, it does not require any infrastructure work.

Yes you can. Our system can be used in all countries we support. We make agreements with local operators for this process.